Oh, Room Perfume… how I love you. I realize that there is probably a fair amount of bias in that statement – considering I am the person that developed Room Perfume. However, I like to think that, since I am that person, I’m also qualified to make that sort of statement. (How do you like that for logic?) But, seriously. Let me take a moment to tell you why I developed Room Perfume, and why I believe in it.

You see, I was a candlemaker for 10+ years. I enjoyed the craft. Working with the wax. Choosing appropriate wicks. Testing. Testing some more. I enjoyed the tactile science of it. However, over the years, I came to truly realize that, while I was proud to have worked and honed my candlemaking skills, my true passion was fragrance itself. Developing them. Telling a story with them. It was the creation of fragrance itself that was keeping me in the candle game.

However, I began finding that my personal life – between my husband and I juggling businesses, appointments, and just everyday tasks – was getting busier… and, because of that, I found that I wasn’t taking the time to burn candles in our own home like I used to. Plus, especially with our two pups at home, I found myself growing increasingly nervous about forgetting to blow candles out. Yet, I still wanted some beautiful perfume in my house! I loved the fragrances I’d developed. I loved using them in my own home. Yet, I needed another conduit for them. Another way to use them in my own space. Something instant. Something convenient. (You know where this is going… right?)

Waxing Wistul’s Room Perfume, as you likely guessed, is the result of this quest. The same high-quality fragrances that I had developed for my candles, but in liquid form. Plus, they are made with no artificial propellants (like what you’ll find in many grocery store room sprays), and hypoallergenic. They are fabulous for spraying in the air, in the car, and even for freshening up your linens and curtains. (Of course, I always advise that you do a small spot test before spraying on your fabrics, just in case.) Just spray a little mist, and you’re good to go! Simple. Convenient. Luxurious. Effective.

If you’re someone like me – someone who relishes simple pleasures, but also appreciates effortless practicality – I truly believe Waxing Wistful’s Room Perfume is a product you will enjoy making part of your daily life. Plus, with our distinct fragrance collections, you can easily choose which scents suit your sensibilities best. Luxurious and convenient? Who wouldn’t go for that?