Tiffany Rogers Aroma Expert

Our Aroma Expert Weighs In.

Waxing Wistful’s creator and lead fragrance developer dishes on channeling scent memory, finding inspiration, and her personal fave fragrances.

Inspiration. It’s something that every creative soul requires to function. In my case, when developing Waxing Wistful’s expansive catalog of fragrances, I drew inspiration from my own scent memory.

“What is scent memory,” you ask? It’s when you’re out and about, then suddenly, a certain aroma takes your mind directly to a specific memory. A time. A place. A feeling. That’s scent memory… and it’s something that we all have. Recent research has suggested that scent memory is as powerful of a remembrance mechanism as music, if not stronger. I can certainly concur. I remember exactly how magical it felt to wake up at my grandmother’s house on lazy Saturday mornings, and smell the aromas of breakfast wafting from the kitchen… and I draw from that. I remember all the natural perfumes I would smell when I tromped around in my family’s gardens… and I draw from that. Magical trips to the seashore. Getaways in the mountains. I draw from all of those. I associate unique fragrances with each of those experiences… and I use that information – I suppose you could call my ‘olfactory database’ – to create fragrances and groupings that mentally take me to those times and places.

That’s what makes Waxing Wistful so very special. The use of scent memory. That level of attention to detail (because, believe me, I’m meticulous). My ultimate goal with this brand is to create convenient, high-quality home fragrance products that make you ‘wistful’. That are instantly accessible, and are able to transport your imagination to a place and time that brings you happiness, puts you at ease, and makes your dwelling space – wherever it may be at any given time – feel more like where you want to be. More like home.

On that note, people are constantly asking me, “What is your favorite fragrance?” First of all, as someone who takes developing fragrances very personally, that’s a pretty tough question! I don’t develop, produce, and offer any aroma without first falling in love with it myself. That being said, I suppose it would be ridiculous to say that I don’t have a few faves. Coconut Cake and Key Lime Pie, from our Southern Kitchen Collection, are inspired by two of my very favorite desserts of all-time (and I have a fierce sweet tooth, y’all)… so, I tend to use them pretty often. Oakmoss & Sage and Worn Leather, from our Mountain Homestead Collection, make me think of cabins in the forest, comfy chairs, and old books… three of my favorite things. Peaches and watermelons are two of my very favorite summer treats, so the Peach Preserves and Juicy Watermelon fragrances in our Farmers Market Collection really fit the bill for me there. And last, but certainly not least, there’s the Seaside Resort Collection… which, admittedly, I spent the most time developing. I am a coastal lover. I absolutely can’t get enough of the ocean, the sand, the salty air. My heart is there. Therefore, all seven of the Seaside Resort fragrances are testaments to things that I love about being close to the sea. I don’t know that I can really choose a standout favorite among that group. I love them all.

Of course, I didn’t disclose my faves so that you’ll simply follow my lead. Remember, I don’t offer any fragrance to you without first falling in love with it myself! I designed each of our Waxing Wistful collections to tell a cohesive story of a time and place. In essence, they are my favorite stories. My hope is that you explore them all, and find the particular fragrance, or collection, that speaks to you!

Wishing you an everyday filled with joy in the present, sweet memories of the past, and beautiful fragrance in the air surrounding you!


Tiffany Rogers

Waxing Wistful Creator & Lead Fragrance Developer