Okay. Let me start this post with a confession: I was very late getting into the oil diffuser game. I didn’t know if I would ever make use of one in my home. Would it be too fussy? Would I ever remember to refill it? Do they actually work?

Then, I got one… and my life changed. I now have three in our house – in our downstairs den, in our upstairs entry room, and in our main bathroom. I love them. Seriously. Not only do they put the just the right amount of fragrance in the air, but they automatically shut off when empty. No fuss. No muss. I love things like that.

Now, for those of you who are complete novices to diffusers like I was, here’s a simple breakdown:

There are two types of home diffusers available – those that propel the oils into the air via heat, and those that do the same via water. Personally, I’m a fan of the water kind… which are readily available. (Trust me – your favorite online speedy-shipping retailer has an abundance to choose from in a variety of price ranges!)

In order to use one of the water oil diffusers, you simply add water to the reservoir, add drops of your favorite fragranced oil to the water, and turn that baby on. One of the great things about these diffusers is that they fill your room with aroma and act as a humidifier. In addition, the units to not get hot. Therefore, no worries about you or a loved one being burned (which, admittedly, was a big concern of mine before I tried them). The distilled mist that comes out of the diffuser is actually room temperature-ish, so they are quite safe! They tend to be very easy to refill and clean, which are big deals in my book. Plus, you can get them in any shape, size, and style to suit your decor and taste.

I did still have a problem, however. From what I could tell, there weren’t many fragrance options for diffusers available… which, at first, was definitely a turn off. That’s when the lightning bolt figuratively hit me… to formulate our Waxing Wistful fragrances into hypoallergenic oils that can be used in diffusers. And, just like that (okay, honestly, after weeks of work in the fragrance lab), VOILA! Aroma Oils were born.

If you have never tried a diffuser, I do recommend giving them a whirl! There are many affordable options that you can try out. Consider the size of the space you’ll be placing the diffuser in when shopping – that will help you determine what size of diffuser you would like to get. And, of course, do check out all of the Waxing Wistful Aroma Oils that I have available on this site. I hope you find a fragrance you can’t live without!