The Farmers Market Fragrance Collection
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A breath of fresh air.

Awaken your senses with this inspired line of fresh fragrances, reminiscent of backyard blooms, aromatic herbs, ripening fruit on the vine, and trees bursting with summer produce in our native South.

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Farmers Market Aroma Oils

Waxing Wistful’s unique Aroma Oils are packed with mood-lifting fragrance in every single drop. Specially formulated to be both highly concentrated and hypoallergenic, this product is an ideal choice for use in oil diffusers, as well as to refresh potpourri and sachets. Available in a wide variety of signature fragrances, you are bound to find more than one room-filling favorite!

Farmers Market Room Perfume

Waxing Wistful’s original Room Perfume is specially formulated as an authentic eau de parfum – meaning that there are no emulsifiers, propellants, nor any other added chemicals in our formula. Each bottle contains nothing but pure, highly-concentrated, exceptional-grade ingredients – ideal for adding a quick burst of room-filling fragrance to any space. This hypoallergenic mist is ideally-suited for both air and linens. With so much usable product per bottle – each 4 oz. bottle containing approximately 1000 pumps of spray, and each 8 oz. bottle containing twice that much – our Room Perfumes are an incredible value! Available in a variety of delightful aromas, you are guaranteed to discover a sensational scent to suit you.

Farmers Market Home and Away Sets

In need of Room Perfume in multiple areas of your home? Looking for a way to keep the convenience of Room Perfume on hand at all times, both at home and on the go? If so, our Home and Away Sets are just what you’re looking for. This set contains the Waxing Wistful Room Perfume fragrance of your choice in both our large 8 oz. and travel-ready 4 oz. sizes. At such a great value, this two-bottle set is a must-have for all freshening fragrance fans!

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