Mood-Lifting Magic.

Elevate your everyday with Waxing Wistful’s exclusive home fragrances.

An enticing fragrance on the air has the power to not only make our surroundings smell lovely… but to also affect our state of being! Aromas have the ability to change our moods, giving us feelings of joy. It’s even been proven that fragrance can help to lower stress levels, while promoting both focus and relaxation. So, what fragrance should you choose? That depends completely upon you. Simply ask yourself, “What types of aromas appeal to me most?” Do you find yourself longing for the perfumes of fresh fruits and flowers? Do find delight in the earthy and evergreen fragrances of the mountains? Is your happy place on the sea, with its fresh, clean, and airy scents? Or, are you a lover of the delicious aromas of all things gourmand? No matter which you choose, Waxing Wistful has a collection that will make a peaceful place out of your favorite space.

Take a stroll down Scent Memory Lane.

Let Waxing Wistful’s unique fragrance collections guide your way.

Scent memory is a powerful thing. A single fragrance can transport your mind to a particular place in time… directly to visions from childhood, from travels, from relationships past and present, and even from home sweet home. The creative minds at Waxing Wistful Home Fragrance have drawn inspiration from this very concept to craft collections of nostalgia-inspiring aromas that captivate the senses, while taking the mind on a wistful journey through the pages of your life’s story. Whether your heart is by the sea, in the mountains, sitting in Grandmother’s kitchen, or strolling through gardens in bloom, Waxing Wistful has an original fragrance collection especially for you.

Tips of the Trade

Uncovering ways that the magic of home fragrance can enrich your everyday life.

Our Aroma Expert Weighs In.

Waxing Wistful’s creator and lead fragrance developer dishes on channeling scent memory, finding inspiration, and her personal fave fragrances.